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Real estate attorney in Hungary

From the very beginning we have been involved in the Hungarian real estate market.

We are tracing continuously the changing provisions regarding real estate law and we follow with great attention the real estate market in Hungary.

We represent the legal interest of developers, buyers, sellers, lenders, landlords and tenants.

We have gained experience in transactions regarding both residential, commercial and industrial real estates.

We provide both legal and practical advices to our clients in many aspects of real estate law, including duties, zoning, construction and real estate management.

We provide the following legal services to our clients:

• Draft and countersign of sale and purchase, inheritance and exchange agreements;
• Draft and countersign of infrastructure agreements regarding real estate development;
• Draft and countersign of agreements with regard to the establishment and termination of common property;
• Draft and countersign of mortgage agreements;
• Draft and countersign of the deed and by-laws of condominiums;
• Obtain of land registry excerpts, pursue investigation at the land registry;
• Provide comprehensive services regarding real estate management and real estate development (e.g. proceed before the municipality and at the land registry concerning the transform of agricultural lands into building sites and partition of lands etc.)

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