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Set up company in Hungary, start business in Hungary

If you need a trustworthy and experienced corporate and business law counsel in Budapest contact Dr. Andras Toth-Kalaszi Law Firm.

Dr. Andras Toth-Kalaszi Law Firm offers you legal asssistance at the start of your business in Hungary.

We provide you with legal services by set-up a new business entity in Hungary, purchase an existing company in Hungary and provide with effective legal advices regarding the operation of your company.

Many future problems is avoidable if you make a professional choice on the corporate form of your company and let your organizational charters, bylaws and other necessary corporate documents drafted by a professional law firm.

Thanks to our reliable partners we can provide you comprehensive services from the start of your business in Hungary regarding accounting, auditing, tax consulting and public procurement.

We are ready to satisfy the legal needs of your business in Hungary.  We provide you legal help especially with the following business transactions.

• Set up company (Partnership, Limited Liability Company);
• Business and Tax Planning (by cooperation with our partner tax consultant office);
• Draft organizational charters and bylaws of the company;
• Amendment of the statutory document of the company;
• Mergers, demergers, due diligence reports;
• Business and employment contracts;
• Confidentiality agreements;
• Set up nonprofit organizations;
• Business dissolution procedure of the company.

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