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Immigration attorney in Hungary

Dr. Andras Toth-Kalaszi Law Firm offers you comprehensive legal services regarding business immigration, family unification and immigration for study purposes.

Our immigration service is based on the deep understanding of your case. We totally respect the rule that there are no standard solutions because there are no standard clients.

Dr. Andras Toth-Kalaszi and his staff are able to provide you with professional legal advice and representation in the full spectrum of Hungarian immigration law, from the basic visa applications to the appeals to the higher courts.

In most of our cases we represent our clients by the obtainment of their visa and by  managing their permanent residence permit.

After the obtainment of the Hungarian Permanent Resident Status you will become a European Resident and you will be entitled to enjoy all privileges associated with having residency in the European Union. These privileges includes:

- the freedom to travel within the European Union;
- set up a company in any European Union country and work there;
- European healthcare and social security benefits;
- possibility to come to Hungary anytime without visa;
- many others.

Our area of expertise covers the following fields of immigration law:

Residence permit for employment or other gainful activity

Entrepreneurs and businessmen who would like to set up in the European Union are welcome to contact dr. Andras Toth-Kalaszi Law Firm.

Our advice and guidance are aimed at fulfilling the conditions of the Hungarian Immigration Office, therefore we provide you with legal service by all steps of the immigration process including the set-up of the Hungarian company, preparing the business plan of the newly established company, provide help by the rental of your real estate etc.

Residence permit for the purpose of family unification

If your spouse lives in Hungary, you can apply for a residence permit on the grounds of family unification.

Residence permit for the purpose of studies

As a student you can obtain a worldwide highly appreciated university degree in Hungary. Especially the technical, economical and medical university provide you with internationally recognized qualification and high standard of education.

Dr. Andras Toth-Kalaszi Law Firm puts great emphasis to fulfil all the requirements evolved from the practice of the Hungarian Immigration Office.

We guarantee to review deeply the circumstances of your case, to submit an accurate and well-established application to the immigration office and to follow-up your case until the receipt of your residence permit.

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