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Legal services in Hungary

Unfortunately business does not run always smoothly.

Contractual problems, enforcement of claims, disputes with your supplier, with the authority, with your employee are sort of things which you and your business would like to avoid, but you might have to face them time to time.

Dr. Andras Toth-Kalaszi Law Firm provide you with professional legal representation in Hungary before regular state courts and arbitrational tribunals in a wide spectrum of legal areas.

Dr. Andras Toth-Kalaszi has years of experience in the following areas of civil and business litigation.

- breach of contract;
- damage claim;
- land use, zoning, public utilities and other issues regarding real estate;
- claim relating to employment;
- IP law;
- claim against state authorities (municipality, tax authority etc.).

We guarantee that your case will be handled directly by dr. Andras Toth-Kalaszi.

We summarize our main principles regarding the litigation process as follows:

- we treat litigation as an unfortunate but ordinary part of business, simply as a business transaction;
- if possible, we try to avoid litigation and make efforts to handle the case with friendly settlement;
- before initiating a litigation we execute a cost-benefit analysis;
- before initiating a litigation we always examine the prospects of success and we inform the client on the result of the review;
- we follow active case management (we keep clients entirely informed and involved in all relevant decisions of the case).

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